Zen Garden at Kokedera

by Nathalie  

In the year 1339, in the city of Kyoto

Muso Soseki built a waterfall

without a drop of water,

a dry cataract of boulders

tumbling immobile down the hill

these six centuries and more.

Approach with care

here the silence roars.

Everywhere else, moss, moist and fresh

a hundred kinds, mauve, brown,

orange, grey, shade upon shade of green

envelops the rocks, spreading gently, calmly,

to the pond below, Pure Land garden of paradise.

All around it, a path, following curves,

leads through the trees to the water

and up again, yes, up again

for the dry cascade

immutable, enigmatic,

stripped to the bare bones

is calling, shouting

wake up! wake up!

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